Not every new idea so bright
Will qualify for patent right.
It can’t be obvious to one
Of ordinary skill, my son.

A man of ordinary skill
Does not invent, and never will.
“Obviousness” we cannot find,
Looking at the inventor’s mind.

It’s not an obvious design
If it has never come to mind,
To those who work hard every day
To do their job a better way.

Anything that you invent,
Just combines what’s done before.
Not a waste of time you’ve spent;
Combo’s not in any lore.

About timheadley

For almost 30 years, as a lawyer, Tim Headley has been helping clients protect their intellectual property, according to the laws of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, not only in the United States, but in various countries around the world. Before that, he worked as an electrical engineer. Before that, he taught theology, in Spanish, to adult students, in the evenings, in a school in La Paz, Bolivia. You can contact him at tim@headleyiplaw.com, or his office phone, 713-467-8500, or his cell phone, 713-398-1045. His website is www.headleyiplaw.com.
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